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Are we sure that this isn’t just a Justice League movie? 

Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman All look amazing , this movie should be incredible ! 

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Have a look at the cast of Orange is the New Black, goofing around on set.

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Rule all the realms from your phone! #Got #emojis !!! We’re a little too excited for this, #AllMenMustText 

Get a closer look here! 


Poster: ‘Homeland' season 4 premiering Oct 5

What an eye catching new poster for Showtime’s Homeland, although she could be more subtle, haha.



The appreciation of stringed instruments in animated films


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#DakotaJohnson lands great new role in adaptation of renowned novel: ‘Forever, Interrupted: A Novel’ . 

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Are we friends on Facebook

This news make us want to howl! But in a good way : ) . 


Helmetica, @ justinmaller

We can’t stop staring at theses…..seriously

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